Chess for Children…!

The Knight ready for a playful fight!

A brand new illustrated book that introduces the greatest game in the world to children – Chess!

There are over fifty original illustrations that bring all the chess pieces to life. It makes the game easier to understand and fun for the very youngest who may be interested in learning a game that can be with them for all their lives!

The book is suitable for early readers or for adults to read the book to their children, even better if there is a chess board available that the child and adult can play a chess match on!

See example pages from the book below and you can buy it from Amazon now!

Introducing the chess pieces and the Pawns (not Prawns!)
Introducing the Knight and what it can do! They like to jump and are a bit arrogant…
The Knight and how it jumps in a ‘L’ Shape!
The start of the games – usually a Pawn will move forward one or two squares, but don’t forget the Knight could leap over first!

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