The Irish Pub Space Invasion

Find our why there’s an Irish Pub in every city or town…..I mean find out the real reason!

The Irish Pub Space Invasion…. is for children and young adults, indeed for an any adult who wants an explanation for why there are Irish pubs in every major city across the world (and elsewhere)!

The book describes how around 200 years ago an initial scouting party from a far away planet landed in Ireland, the confused team of aliens fed back to their leaders that the best disguise for their spaceships in any future invasion would be in the form of an Irish Pub, as it was a popular venue in Ireland and there seemed to have one in every town. They assumed that these buildings would fit well in every city or town everywhere!

Once the invaders had landed en masse each Irish pub waited for the sign from the Mothership Flying Saucer to take over the world, unfortunately the Mothership Flying Saucer has had to return home as they had forgotten to cancel the milk and had now also forgotten all about the invasion of our own planet Earth!

This has left the aliens on Earth for the last 200 years, where they take the form of Leprechauns, sometimes Gremlins and now and then Human Beings as they make better pub landlords. While they wait they have decided to be a nuisance wherever they can just to keep their ‘hands in’ while they wait for the take over signal…which possibly will never come…who knows?!

…the book will explain all!